Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest Winner For 2009

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Even though you were considered really  UGLY...
You stood there proud for us  all to see,
We came to vote for you every day,
And didn't have nice things to  say..

You wore that paintjob like a Badge  Of Love,
Because your buddy Travis did it with a little shove,

People thought it was ugly but you said it was  art,
Just to protect the little fart,
Someday he will hear from his  Mom and Dad,
About his paintjob that started out being bad.

Until the UGLY Couch came to help and defend,
His little  Travis, his little friend.

You may look Ugly but you  have a heart,
Promoting Travis's so called Art,

We will miss visiting you Mr. Couch,
You have  been a trooper and never a Slouch,

We hope you win the contest for Trav,
There's  no better friend that he could have,

May you end up on ebay as collectors dream,
May  they give you new stuffing and sew that seam,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Just know  Travis will still talk bout you when he's older,

Your beauty will shine through the smiles you will  give,
When he looks back on where he used to live,

You will not seem Ugly anymore,
Just a  Beautiful memory from before!