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Our Dealer Advocate Service Is A New Concept In Automotive Internet Sales.

We can train your present Internet Sales staff, or we'll provide your dealership with a highly trained Dealer Advocate Internet Sales Consultant. What does this mean? Our Dealer Advocate trained salesman manages your Internet leads in house AND a support team from our Internet Command Center provides additional sales and technical support for your Internet Dept. and your website. 

Dealer Advocate support teams manage the administrative tasks associated with an Internet Sales Dept. This includes inventory control, lead service coordination, website design changes and Internet marketing. This allows the Internet Salesman to focus on his mission without getting bogged down in administrative duties and other distractions. His or Her mission is to sell cars.

When your showroom is closed, our support teams continue to manage your Internet sales leads as if they were in your showroom. This is a revolutionary concept in Automotive Internet Sales and will give your dealership a superior advantage over your Internet competition.

The Dealer Advocate system also includes a LIVE CHAT option for your website monitored by Dealer Advocates from our command center. This allows Internet customers to ask questions about your inventory and dealership in real time before they leave to visit another dealership website. Email is good, live contact is even better. 

Our Dealer Advocates and response teams are made up of highly skilled automotive sales consultant with YEARS of experience in automotive sales. They are trained auto salesman, NOT housewives monitoring a chat program for extra income. Our purpose is to sell more cars for your dealership by providing the Internet customer with information they need, when they need it, and to make their Internet shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

In addition to having a Dealer Advocate in house, our Internet response teams take over when your dealership doors are closed. The Internet shoppers are online before dealerships opens and after your dealership is closed. Internet salesman should be available according to the consumer's hours, not only the dealership "Hours of Operation." This would be the hours between 6am to 9am, and 9pm until 12 midnight, 7 days a week including holidays and your Internet Salesman's days off.

Our response team members introduce themselves as Information Managers, not salesmen. This approach puts the customer at ease and we find they are not apt to become defensive since they are not perceived as salesmen. It also keeps control of the sale with the in-house Dealer Advocate. The response team will provide information and schedule an appointment for your Advocate.

Dealer Advocates MANAGE the leads, provide the INFORMATION customers require, NEGOTIATE the price and SELL the cars.  Everything is taken care of by our service.

We provide all the information requested by Internet shoppers in a timely manner. This may include but not be limited to vehicle details, links to similar vehicles in stock, your vehicle location service, CarFax Reports, additional photos, prequalification finance applications and directions to your dealership. In addition we sell them on why they should do business with your dealership.

Why Your Dealership Needs a Dealer Advocate

Our Dealer Advocates are Highly Trained Sales Managers Skilled in Internet Technology.  

Your dealership may be failing to achieve a full
market share for the following reasons...

   1.  you have already outgrown your Internet website service and you do not know it
   2.  your overall sales and marketing strategy is not geared toward the Internet shopper
   3.  your email responses fail to address the needs of the consumers that contact you
   4.  you are not taking advantage of new technologies available to your Internet sales staff
   5.  your Internet sales staff lack the attitude, desire, work ethic, technical ability and proper
            training to sell to Internet customers.

The email responses you send out should grab your Internet customer's attention and enhance the decision making processes while educating that customer BEFORE you make your offer. Most dealerships go right into the offer with price. The Internet Manager 

At the point of contact your Internet shoppers are only interested in one thing, information. We will train your Internet sales force how to present this information to your prospects in ways that will translate into more sales and higher gross profits for your dealership. The first step is to provide a perceived value and benefit as to why they should do business with your dealership. It is NOT just about price.  Marketing 101

We will show you sales techniques that will increase if not double your Internet auto sales. Using proven Internet sales techniques and advanced technologies your dealership can rise above your Internet competition. Your sales strategy must go beyond the auto responder. The Auto Responder

If your present sales staff has the skills to implement these techniques you will Increase your sales immediately. If not, you need a Dealer Advocate representative to manage your Internet sales department for you. We can provide the manpower to train your sales staff, or we can do it for you. New Technology

Just for visiting our website, we'll provide you with a series of FREE tools to analyze your current website for proper search engine placement. Many dealer websites don't have meta tags that allow search engines to list them correctly. If you're not listed in search engines you could be losing 70% of your Internet traffic because customers can't find your website. Free Services

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