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Do you think of  visitors to your website the same way you consider "walk-ins" or "phone-ins?" ~ You should.

     Do you know how many visitors are on your website right now? Which vehicle they are looking at? ~ You can.

     If they have questions, do they have a way to contact you before they leave and go to another dealership's website? ~ Why not?

     If they are looking at a car that has been sold, do you suggest another vehicle to them? ~ Today you can  walk them through your virtual Cyber-Lot.

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Why are you waiting for Email to talk to customers?

Today 90% of online customers prefer human interaction; 41% of visitors to your website would be more likely to communicate directly with you through your website if human interaction were available. Live Chat provides a Low Risk way for consumers to contact you.

Do Your Visitors come and go to your website without contacting you? Contact Them! LIVE CHAT can close deals before they leave your website. You will have the ability to offer assistance before they leave and go to another dealership's website.

Your website can have Live Customer Service. Start taking Internet UPs today.



See how many visitors are 
on your website right now.

<=  WHERE 
they are.

<=  WHO 
they are.

<=  WHERE 
they came from.

Take control in the world of the Virtual Car Lot!
After all, that's what you would do in the real world. 

A customer asks in a live chat: "Is this car still available?"  
You reply: "I'm sorry, it was sold this weekend. Can I show you others just like it?"

LIVE CHAT can push a new page onto their computer.
While your chatting you can walk Internet Ups around your "virtual car lot."
Do they want financing,?   Send them the Finance form...
Do they need directions?   Push a map... 



Real Time Website Monitoring From The Command Center.

This activity shows website traffic during a Sunday Morning TV Info-Mercial for S&E Auto Sales

Daily Activity From The Command Center: SEPT 2005




We Invite Internet Ups to contact you.
Offer them a Free CarFax Report. Build Value in your Inventory.

Sample of a custom banner for inviting Chats by offering CarFax Reports
 Mastria Buick Pontiac GMC

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Attention: Internet managers.
This program is a must if you need files off your computer at work.
Access Reynolds & Reynolds from Home!
Why go in to work on your day off just to access Reynolds?

Access Your PC from Anywhere
This program is a great tools for training fellow workers on the computer. 
Sales Managers can monitor salesman's computers on the showroom and sales progress.

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