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20th Century Marketing vs. 21st Century Marketing
Sample: 20th Century Website | Sample: 21st Century Website

In a TV interview OCT 17, 2004, Jim McCann, CEO of
1-800-FLOWERS.COM said:
"70% of our business comes from the Internet 
even though we are represented by a phone number."
~ History Channel, History of Business

Are you still depending on newspapers to deliver customers?

This is the 21st Century!
1/3 of all newspapers purchased are never read.
1/3 Are purchased by advertisers looking to check their ads.
Only 1/3 of newspapers are read.
Not all those readers are even in the market for a new vehicle.
Today most people get their news from TV, Radio, or the Internet...

"Newspapers hold on to most older readers until they die. But they haven't hooked the younger TV and Internet generations. Actually, most newspapers have improved in overall content and appearance during the past two decades. They just haven't figured out how to pry preteens or teens away from their screens...If any of [the dailies] want to be on anybody's list 50 years from now, they'll have to take aim at preteens and teens. Now."   -- Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today

Does this mean stop advertising in newspapers?
No. Consider adjusting your advertising budget accordingly.
While 47% of potential car buyers use the Internet as a research tool, 
only 4.5% of total automotive advertising spending goes to Internet media.*
*according to a new study from Borrell Associates Inc. of Hampton Roads, Va.

Are you using Radio or TV Commercials?
Do your Ads even mention your website?
=>  =>  An Example of how NOT to advertise on TV.  <= <=

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You Will Need Real Player 9.0 or Newer

Vintage TV Commercials From The 20th Century

Classic Car Commercials From The '50s & '60s, Vol. 1 VHS
Vintage TV motor ads turn your living room into an auto show! See commercials for the `60 Falcon and Thunderbird, `61 Ford, `64 Dodge, and Pat Boone and Dinah Shore for the `59 Chevrolet. Also, Prestone Anti-Freeze, Atlas Tires, and Jane Russell for Lustre Creme's Cadillac Giveaway! More! 60 min.

Classic Car Commercials From The '50s & '60s, Vol. 2 VHS
More commercials from Detroit's streamlined glory days including OK Used Cars, the air-vented `55 Chevy, `64 Grand Prix, Riviera and Chevrolet, Firestone Tires, Hertz, world-wide Delco, animator John Hubley for GM parts, the Esso story and much more. 60 min.
Car Commercials

Let Movies Unlimited put you in the driver's seat with some classic TV ads for the tailfinned favorites of the '50s and '60s. There are 1956 Ford T-Birds and 1957 Chevrolets, the '64 Stingray, Mustangs and more, including a pitch for Chevy's "OK Used Cars." 60 min.
Commercials From Yesterday
Before the Internet, before Ronald Reagan, before Disco...aw heck, these ads go WAY back. Get ready to feel nostalgic courtesy of such promos as Buster Keaton for Alka-Seltzer, the 1957 Chevrolet, Tootsie Roll Pops, Edie Adams for Muriel Cigars, Ipana Toothpaste with Bucky Beaver and more. 60 min.

Classic Beer Commercials From The '50s And '60s, Vol. 1 VHS
Wood cask connoisseur or Joe Six-Pack, you'll flip for these TV beer ads of the `50s and `60s, including Hamm's, Black Label, Rheingold, Duquesne, Ballantine, Budweiser, Blatz, Pilsener Collection and more! Who is the ale man? He could be YOU! 60 min.

Put Streaming Video On Your Website

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Why Angel Vision Impact Movies?
We are an innovative marketing agency that helps businesses 
promote their messages through Impact Movies. AngelVision 
developed this passive, but powerful, advertising medium in 2001. 
Already, over 100 companies rely on their Impact Movie 
as the missing piece of their sales strategy.

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Your TV Commercial is only available at set hours of the day and week. 
It is dependent on viewers sitting in front of their TV at the exact time your show airs.
With the Internet Streaming Video is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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