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Today It's All About Information.

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Do you use auto-responders for your initial contact?

Changing Internet market trends can make or break your Internet sales.

Give your customers options. Encourage them to contact you for more information.. A few years ago the first words out of an Internet customer's mouth was "Show me the Kelly Blue Book value on this vehicle." Now they want CarFax Reports up front. Offering CarFax reports right on your website provides two benefits. It is a way to build value in your inventory and it creates immediate trust because you are willing to share what other dealerships hold out as a carrot for coming to their dealership.

The auto responder will make handling your leads easier.
But... even if your the best man or woman for the job,
you only get one chance for a first impression.
What is it about your initial email that would make a buyer 
want to do business with your dealership?

    Here is what one Salesman who is using our service says:

"The system is really far ahead of what most dealers are doing. If you want to you can go on Mastria.com and chat live with our dealer advocate. His name is John Dingle, mention my name and pick his brain. He monitors our dealership .... He has automatic responses and has set up introductory letters for all the salesman here. I have sold a lot of cars through this system." ~ Bernie Hyland
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Do your auto responses look like this? Sample

We'll provide full HTML custom auto responses. Sample

What kind of follow up information do you send?

Do your direct response emails look like this? Sample

In the 21st Century it's all about information: Sample

We'll provide a monthly newsletter

Once your Internet Dept. has joined the 21st Century,  we'll provide a newsletter as a monthly follow up with customers who fail to commit within 3 days. This keeps your name in front of them. It may take as many as 7 eMail contacts to get a sale.  You should consider a lead is alive for 35 days.

Sample Newsletter | Sample Newsletter

Are you collecting Emails? Are you making full use of your present Email data with MonthlyNewsletters?

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Putting it all together on your website inventory pages: SAMPLE

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