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People, on average, don't want the lowest price. You can verify this fact by noticing that not everyone drives a Ford Festiva or a Hyundai. Did you know that in a given supermarket, Coke and Pepsi combined outsell the store brand cola by a margin of about 12 to 1? And unlike cars, there just isn't that much difference between Coke and Big K Cola. 

"People don't want low price...they want low risk."
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John Norton

"It's all about motivation. If a Salesman looks at Internet Sales as a chore he has to perform as opposed to an opportunity to sell a car, chances are slim-to-none he or she will be successful."

Why You Should Pay More Attention To Internet Shoppers

It took 37 Years
for Radio to reach
50 Million Listeners

It took 13 Years
for Television to reach
50 Million Viewers

It took 4 Years
for the Internet to reach
50 Million Users

 Stop Losing Market Share

There Was
No Internet.

60% Of All New Car Buyers Search The Internet For Their Next Vehicle.

47% Of All Used Car Buyers Search The Internet For Their Next Vehicle.

60% Of Your Sales 
Will Come From 
Your Internet Dept.

* JD Powers Assoc.  "More Used-Vehicle Buyers Shopping the Internet." The Power Report ~ March 2003 

Who decides what lead services will give you the best ROI
A Sales Manager who was hired to manage the floor?
Your IT manager who never sold a car in his life?
The controller who's only concern is cost?

If your thinking you don't need to fix it if it's not broken,
What if it's broken and you do not know it.?

Our service includes a three phase process: Analyze-Organize-Strategize.

1. We will come in and analyze what your Internet Sales Dept is doing. We will examine what you are spending for services and recommend where you can save money. For example: One dealership group that was using a popular website service is now saving thousands ($1,000s) of dollars every month with a new and more effective Website Service. Not to mention their Internet Sales increased with the advanced services the new website provided that others do not. We may recommend a new website service.

Many dealerships have out grown their present website and do not know it. We will oversee the transition if this becomes the direction you need to go in.

2. We will then organize and provide technical services to streamline and upgrade what you have. The cost for these services are included in our monthly fee.

Our service includes enhanced HTML auto-responders and direct response email,  monthly newsletters, and surveys to increase Internet sales in ways your competition does not. In addition, we'll install LIVE CHAT to engage Internet customers right from your website before they leave and go to a competitor's website.

3. We will then work with you to enhance your Internet marketing strategy to increase Internet leads and thereby increasing your overall Internet sales. One dealership we recently worked with is now receiving 1,500  leads per month from the Internet. Twelve hundred (1,200) leads are coming from one vendor alone. We will introduce you to this service once your department is ready to handle that many leads.

All your advertising should be focused on getting visitors to your website.
Your website and Internet response should be focused on 
getting buyers to your showroom.

We'll Help You Monopolize Your Market Place
Our Dealer Advocate Service will bring more traffic to your website through our network of automotive websites designed to direct traffic to our clients. Our client's websites are listed on our Automile Network of websites:

Automile.tv  |  Rte1 Automile.com  |  Rte44 Automile.com (new)  |  Bourne Automile.com (new)

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