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Today's Internet Manager Must Be A Skilled Communicator Trained In The Use Of Internet Technology
Your Website Is Not An Answering Service.
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Actual Job Listing on BostonWorks.com
Like many dealerships... This dealership just doesn't "Get It." 
MA, Internet Sales
Date Posted:
Job Description
Sales INTERNET SALES High tech people welcome. Auto experience not necessary. Potential $100K. Health ins., demo. Call 781-224-3700 & ask for Mr. Brogan or Mr. Goodman for further info.

Your website is not an expensive answering service!

Your website is a full electronic Dealership. Would you hire a "Green-Pea" to be a General Manager? Why would you hire an Internet Sales Manager without Auto Sales experience? 

Who is managing your eDealership now?

A sales person because he or she can email? A secretary that prints leads for the salesman?

Today's Internet Manager has to be a skilled communicator 
experienced in auto sales techniques
and trained in the use of Internet technology

Once your Internet salesman makes contact with a prospect, you may only get one chance to bring them to the showroom. Stop paying your Salesman to play phone tag, they need to focus on the lot and the showroom. We'll provide the information to Internet prospects, make the appointments, and sell the vehicles. All your salesman have to do is the test drive and delivery.

Internet Sales are not made in 3 days. It may take 30 days or more.

If you are sending standard text response emails and calling once or twice over a three day period and then calling it a "dead lead"  like most dealerships, you are not getting your money's worth. What are you sending Internet customers that will make them want to do business with your dealership over your competition? A better price? If you believe it's just about price then you should consider closing your Internet sales department and listing your cars on an auction site like eBay. Save the money. If it's just about price, everyone would be driving a Kia. It's about perceived value for dollars spent. A successful Internet Dept depends on how well your dealership communicates product value for the price your asking?

What Internet Salesman Are Saying:

Ben Davis


"I have been selling cars for 20 years and I've been doing Internet sales since 1998..."

Internet shopping is not done according to your schedule.

If your Internet Dept is managed by a salesman, part time, during his working hours you are loosing sales by default. You have to show up at the playing field to be in the game. What about his days off?

If your Internet Salesman is also taking Ups from the lot  he has a conflict of interest. Managing Internet Leads is a full time job. 

Who Is Watching Your Website?
How Many Of Your Internet Ups Go Un-Noticed?

We'll monitor your website from 6AM until 12 Midnight, 7 Days a week.

Your Website is a 24 Hour Showroom.
How can you make a sale if no one is watching your website?

The Internet is a 24 hour 7 day a week operation. We'll answer your leads till midnight, 7 days a week 365 days a year. This gives your dealership a measurable advantage. While other dealerships are asleep, our advocates are already negotiating with buying customers and are working on a sale.
Internet Leads cost a dealership an average of $27.00 each. Walk-ins cost an average of $300+ when all advertising is considered. The Internet is a bargain and should be at least 20% of your total monthly sales in 2004. This percentage will only get larger in the future.
Today 47% of all car shoppers start their search for their new vehicle on the Internet. This is up from 17% just a few years ago. In the past that 17% was a special group of highly educated individuals.  Today the Internet is common to 90 % of American homes. Today Internet shoppers are a mix of all demographics.

We'll bring years of experience to your Internet Sales Dept.
A Dealer Advocate Will Manage Your Internet Sales Dept More Effectively

We Turn Internet Visitors Into Sales
We treat Internet Customers as UPs...
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even more respond to our follow up survey.

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Thank you again for all of your help. My experience was Fantastic. I really enjoyed working with you.

Was our response timely?


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=> Every time.

Did you purchase a vehicle from us vehicle?

=> Yes

What led to your decision?

=> Availability

What suggestions could you make that would improve our services?

=> No suggestions. Everything was wonderful ... I have been strongly recommending your dealership to all my friends and family.

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